What can we say about developers they always leave secrets and easter eggs in the game for us to find them and some of the are hilarious or oddly satisfying.

We have listed a top 10 down for you!

10. Ultimate Honour

If by your own virtue you manage to achieve the lofty heights of the perfect wild west paragon, an almighty reward awaits. At some point shortly after hitting the pinnacle of your honour metre, a nun will approach you and offer you a cross. Wearing of such religious artefact will give you a high percentage chance that bullets fired in your direction will in actual fact miss.

9. West Dickens ? Scientist, Gentleman, Urinator

On any of the West Dickens missions which involve either shotgunning his carriage or driving it, wait until you?re a few hundred yards away from the mission starting point, then tap Y/Triangle to jump free. Next, just hang around refusing to re-board despite Dickins? protestations. Eventually, he?ll disembark himself and begin pissing. Everywhere. Repeatedly. Why not try watching him do this for an hour or so, then wonder to yourself why.

8. Dastardly Secret Achievement/Trophy

You may have heard of this one already, but just to clarify, simply lasso and hogtie a member of the general public, sling them on the back of your horse and ride out to the nearest train tracks. Next, drop them onto the tracks and wait. The resulting impact is unexpectedly spectacular; an explosion of red mist and vital organs. Achievement achieved, trophy trophilised. We found this so funny we laughed our teeth clear out of our mouths and onto the dining room floor, some sections of the mainstream press however, need to get a sense of humour.

7. Wilhelm Scream

For those not familiar with the lengthy cinematic history of this particular soundbite, watch this short video. It?s kind of an in-joke in the Hollywood community and first originated in ? guess what? ? a western called Distant Drums, starring Gary Cooper. The Wilhelm scream is to be found lurking within Red Dead Redemption. Once you are familiar with it, you?ll never again be able to hear it without the occasional giggle. It sounds kind of like a duck being strangled in a wheelie bin.

6. Bureau Uniform

Completed the game 100% yet? If you ever do, and bear in mind that this includes every single challenge, side-quest and item in the game, you shall be rewarded with the Bureau Uniform. Once obtained, the local law enforcement and bounty hunting fraternity will ignore you completely, allowing you to sow merry hell with impunity. Which leads us onto the next thing you may never see. Unless you are a complete bastard.

5. Ghost Town

You probably will never see this unless you?re a raging psychopath. Pick a town, any town, now proceed to kill every single last horse, dog, man, woman and chicken. Once done, the game pronounces it as a Ghost Town and for the entirety of the remainder of your current play-through, it will remain eerily empty. Rather morbid really. The only thing we noted missing from this amusing aside was a steadily decreasing Population sign stuck in the dirt on the town border. A crossed out and adjusted figure would have been a lovely little extra.

4. San Andreas Cemetery

There?s still much debate as to whether the Cemetary found in Red Dead Redemption, with its intricate wrought-iron gates is an homage to that seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We say no, based on the simple fact that one cemetery gates will inevitably look similar to the next. However, we?ll justify its inclusion in this list simply with the addition of the words ?Or is it??

3. Cheat Graffiti

If you find odd-looking phrases scrawled on the inside of caves, on alley-way facing outside walls, on the underside of roofs access through lofts and other obscure locales, these are cheat codes which unlock a variety of effects, but ? and it?s a BIG BUT ? activating any of these will nullify permanently both the ability to save your game and to accrue achievements or trophies for the remainder of your session. Until you reboot, that is. Our recommendation is to try out OH MY SON, MY BLESSED SON, or THE OLD WAYS IS THE BEST WAYS for pure fun-factor alone.

2. Secret Ending

Yes, there?s a secret ending, yes we?re going to tell you how you can see it, no we?re not going to use any spoilers. The final mission is not really the final mission so long as you complete the Remember ?My Family? side-mission picked up from a guy in Blackwater. That?s all we?re going to tell you. Enjoy.

1. Buffalo Rifle

The most powerful weapon in the game, in order to unlock it you?ll have to reach at least level five on your Master Hunter challenge. Although the gun itself only holds one bullet at a time, it?s so ludicrously powerful that very little in terms of either man, woman or beast can survive even one shot. The only gun you can?t use for legshot live capture. Even in the leg, it?ll kill your prey. Don?t attempt to achieve Ghost Town with this weapon, though? it? ll take you a week.

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