What can we say about developers they always leave secrets and easter eggs in the game for us to find them and some of the are hilarious or oddly satisfying.

We have listed a top 10 down for you!

10. Weird Tombstone Text

Most of the tombstones have the most random things written on them. Some examples are: a miner who has gone underground, for good; died of chronic diarrhea; never try to milk a bull; and wake me if something interesting happens. Which is a reference to the legendary Halo 3 ending, when Master Chief says, ?wake me, when you need me.?

9. Cheat Codes Hidden In Game

Just like the GTA series, RDR has its own cheat codes for those that want to mess around with the game ? just a little bit. You can see the cheat codes all around the map, written on the walls. Some of them are in the most obscure places, so we recommend going online to search for them anyway.

8. Opening Up Graves

There are two graves you can open up. If you head over to the graves of Josephine Byrd at Coot?s Chapel, or Elenora Riddick in Tumbleweed. You?ll be able to throw a fireball and open them up. We aren?t sure why the developers decided to do this, or what the story behind it is. All we can say is, don?t try this one at home.

7. Bigfoot Reference

In the DLC called Undead Nightmare, there is a hidden Bigfoot somewhere. If you kill him, you?ll land yourself an achievement. This achievement is called Six Years In The Making, which is a reference to the Bigfoot rumors in San Andreas. It received its name because Red Dead Redemption came out six years after San Andreas.

The French version of the game also had this achievement but under a different name, which is; Don?t Seek It Anymore, CJ.

6. RDR Graffiti In GTA V

This next of our Red Dead Redemption easter eggs was ran into while running around in GTA V. GTA V has quite a few of its own easter eggs. If you head over to Strawberry in Los Santos area, go toward the parking lot and you?ll see a RDRreference on the wall.

5. Tree Of Skulls In GTA V

During a scene in RDR, behind the two characters is a tree known as the Tree Of Skulls. While driving around in GTA V, they recreated the tree and placed it on the map, which is located in the Grapeseed area. For most, it may not be a big deal, but if you happened to finish the campaign, you may have noticed the easter egg.

4. The Hills Have Eyes References

One of the characters you?ll meet on a mission is named Forester. He is a cannibal and a man of the hills. It even mentions the hills have cannibals in them.

3. Allthewaye Inn

If you are in the city of Blackwater and head south, there should be a building with a big bullseye flag hanging over the balcony and someone standing next to it. The name is very special and a pun for some of the more adult readers here.

2. Cross A Lake

What a lot of people don?t know, after a certain point in the campaign you?ll be able to cross a lake because the water isn?t deep enough for you to drown. The only downside is, you can?t cross with your horse or follow through the water. You can always whistle for your horse once you?re across and he?ll just magically appear!

1. Church Altar Text

In the church of Tumbleweed, words engraved on top of an altar that say, ?the devil has got into that beast.? Many players believe the words are a reference to a black horse that sometimes spawn nearby, while others believe it?s a reference to barking near graveyards even though there isn?t a dog to be seen. Maybe it has something to do with open graves somehow?

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